UPSC Test Series Portal - 2024

ACQ an institute by prominent experts in the field of UPSC preparation. Mr. Ankit Kumar Aggarwal director ASPIRE IAS with his team is a leading faculty for designing test series with comprehensive explanation. ACQ IAS offers Prelims and Mains test series which are designed and conducted in the same way like UPSC examination. The test series is powered by WYBI (Win Your Brain IQ) Artificial Intelligence programme to provide the analysis about student strength and weaknesses, subject and topic wise.

These comprehensive test series will examine the knowledge of the aspirants and prepared them to develop the examination attitude for UPSC Prelims and Mains examination

  • Test Cannot be downloaded, student can bookmark the questions and solutions for further reference.
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Yes, we do provide regular updates to our students through Whatsapp/Telegram. Students are informed through these applications if there is any modification in schedule.
ACQ IAS delivers the Hybrid Classes with in a minutes after paying the fees online, into their "My Account" section.
ACQ IAS gives you double access time of video duration to watch your recorded lectures.
ACQ IAS, already provides you hybrid classes that means you can access all the lecture online (through zoom), offline and recorded.