ACQ IAS Bhubaneswar, Odisha, was incorporated on 9th August 2021 to train corporate professionals and students in various domain areas. Young professionals of our country should acquire additional skills besides the conceptual knowledge provided in our professional institutes to be competitive in the Job arena, Further, existing incumbents both in government and corporate must reskill and reinvent themselves to be relevant in their profession. Our country has a massive requirement for skill development to achieve the next level of development and be competitive internationally. ACQ IAS Innovations operates in this knowledge and skill gap, providing corporate training and quality coaching facilities for government jobs. Our primary objective is to provide the best at the least cost and augment the potential of the youth for a better future.


Empowering youth, Empowering Nation via value of Education

We want to create a benchmark for training, coaching, and skilling.


  • To Identify the potential candidates for Civil Services.
  • To Train & Groom them both Intellectually & Emotionally
  • To Equip them with relevant exposure to be Influencers
  • To comply with all the Statutory & Regulatory requirements in letter and spirit
  • To Provide them with an opportunity to upgrade their learning on a continuous basis.
  • ACQ IAS will harness quality workforce from all domain areas and effectively use them to enhance the quality of services.
  • At ACQ IAS, we will reaffirm the efficacy of the programs through continuous feedback from the trainees and reskill ourselves to meet their needs. There will be sincere efforts to use new-age technology to provide the best services.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Morality
  • Transparency
  • We will be honest in our conduct
  • We will pursue excellence everywhere.
  • We will remain accountable for all our acts.
  • We will pioneer new technology and methods.
  • We will have a human face to all our activities.


Inspired by the powerful statement of Late Dr Abdul Kalam, Former President of India- viz., “Transforming India can be achieved by the youth of India who has the ideas, ambition & abilities”, ACQ IAS set thirteen years ago, made a Paradigm shift in their pedagogy in training UPSC aspirant compared to the one followed by the most of the IAS Training Academies. The entire approach to training has been crafted by taking a deep-dive in to the various aspects of the curriculum, in such a way that ACQ IAS has today become the most sought-after IAS Academy by the UPSC Aspirants.

This Student Centric ACQ IAS inducts the students right from the first day, into a Boot-Camp training approach. Myself being a strong believer of self-discipline, expect my students to be so as well, which has been mainly responsible for the astounding success of ACQ IAS. The no of students passing out every year stands as a true testimony for this. We have produced more than 480 aspirants including Rank No.1.

Personally, as a founder of ACQ IAS, ensure the following with every student during their eleven or twelve months of stay with us:

  • Deeper understanding of Concepts
  • Detailed Analysis of Current Affairs
  • Dedicated approach to learning
  • Doubts Clarification either at the end or beginning of every session
  • Daily Tests with Zero absenteeism
  • Diagrammatic representation becoming an integral part of learning
  • Determination towards Destination
This, powered by smart learning tricks, personally driving the entire program end to end to assure the candidates aspiring for UPSC that, though this is a Challenging journey, Cherishable at the end of the Program undoubtedly!
Looking forward to more Ambitious UPSC Aspirants!

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